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In the year 2015 a group of 5 artists came together and saw a gap in the market. Artists did not have somewhere to nurture their talent and not many had the proper knowledge concerning their skill. There was a lot of skepticism but with the little resources they had, the 5 artists went ahead to create a space for creative’s to be able to come and grow and get nurtured and mentored in their talent. The goal was to be able to bring together creative’s from all different classes, sectors and races under one place for them to network and learn from each other as they are also mentored and taught by more experienced artistes in the field. And that was the birth of Artiv Hub.


Artiv Hub was formed to open doors to creative’s who believe in changing the world. Its goal was to bring together passionate like-minded artists who came together to support each other's talents, with the aim of uplifting each other while at the same time imparting skills to others. Most importantly, keeping it Simple.


To be an all in one institution where we offer the arts. These include: literature (including drama, poetry, and prose), performing arts (among them dance, music, and theatre), visual arts (including architecture, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpting, visual arts combined element with performance (e.g., cinematography) or artwork with the written word (e.g., comics), fashion and graphic design all under one roof, and where artists are free to come and access musical and artistical knowledge at a subsidized cost and use that knowledge to address issues in the society and solve those problems.

Mission Statement

Our mission is equipping individuals and creatives with the knowledge, resources and materials they require to be involved in art education and projects that can help make change in the society.

Meet The Team

Rachel Jael


Meet our young at heart founder with a passion for music and teaching.

She has done a Bachelors in BCOM(Finance) and is currently the manager who oversees the operations at artiv and is also part of the training team that teaches and mentors in the music department.

Victor Nanua

Music Producer

He is record producer, rapper, song writer and entrepreneur. His music is mainly an inspiration of of old-school African hip-hop an a wide range of afro pop and jazzy beats.

He is currently expanding his catalogue, and promises more over his long years of his coming career.

Innocent Amukaka

Communications’ Manager

With his great level of success in what he does, he believes Commitment and consistency to Passion Is an art that we all need to apply in our every day life in order to become/achieve what we hope to achieve. Innocent is passionate about the art of Arts, challenges, changing the world through positivity, building bridges and impacting a life/society. His greatest wish is to see the world smile through the positive change that it just experienced through arts.

Paul Kungu

Music Producer

Paul pakia is a Composer/music producer, mixing and mastering engineer at artiv studios, he professionally builds creative content for the entertainment business

No task is too big, he has worked with a lot of different artists with different musical tastes therefore really open to new and interesting ideas.

Imor David

Creative Director

Imor is a Visual Artist who has specialised in Graphic Design, Photography, Painting on Canvas and video production.

At Artiv, he leads in branding and advertisement, works closely with producers,perfoming artists, visual artists and Graphic designers. He also oversees the creative process and gives guidance to the creative people that work under him.

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